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Can You Dance The JailHouseRock!

In order to survive in this world you have to be crazy. Thats the beautiful thing about this training! We go flat out if you know what i'am talking about. I know some of you do, Day one "Grelen" 3rd round 12th clean&Jerk,10:01secs in, Supa you know what I mean. Anyway tomorrow we are back on the barbell. Good news for some who could not face the Pixies. The morning and high noon crew only had to run 1 mile in between sets. I wish i could have been with you core fucts who ran the two this evening! "THATS CRAZY" Good on you. It was set Like a Plaza of Death or A.O.P. one mile between sets. Tomorrows BIG MAN NIGHT we have this for you All. The Gurls will have 95lbs Guys at 135lbs. You will do 1 Power Clean, 3 Hang Squat Clean, 2 Jerks split or push. Sprint 100meters after each set. Do FIVE rounds, take a two minute rest, then repeat the five rounds. Minus two minutes off total time and put it on the board. After all the lifting, the run is like life its self, a little crazy. Have fun all you crossfit lovers. CFP.