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Canada Food Guide Update

Take time and check out the updated Canadian Food Guide and their Picture Friendly Website.  Things are moving in a better direction.

So drink water instead of milk. Go lighter on the animal products and consider plant based proteins as well. Fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables – no fruit juice at all. Avoid processed foods, saturated fat, and too much alcohol.

Canada’s new food guide is way more simplistic, doing away with the dumb, confusing and ridiculous recommended portions and serving sizes of the past.

In its first update to the guide since 2007, Health Canada has abandoned its rainbow of 4 food groups in favour of a picture of the perfect plate. As you can see it has a half plate of fruits and vegetables (Nicely done), one quarter for protein, and one quarter for whole grains.

The guide builds up plant-based proteins over animal-based proteins. I think they are going more this way because good quality meat is a lot more expensive and harder to get on a tighter budget. Notice it also stripped dairy of its food group, leaving it represented by just a small saucer (maybe 2Tbsp) of yoghurt in the plate diagram. Ouch.

They should still look into saturated fat debate and explain the research there on their website.  I'm not giving up my grass-fed butter, cream and ribeye steak.