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Tonight kicks off Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals and the city has Canucks Fever.  It was beautiful to walk around downtown Saturday and see so many fans sporting their Canucks gear and the thousands of people crowding together to watch the game and cheer our team on. This spirit brings me many memories of back home in Brasil when I used to watch and cheer for my soccer team.  But now my life is in Canada and I finally understand the signficance of this game to Canadians... and I'm thrilled to be part of it. Reading some of the stats on the Canucks players ice time, I realized just how intense this game is.  These guys are playing an average of 40-50 seconds at 100% effort before needing a break, and playing just 20-25 mins of a 60 minute game (see chart below). This is a humongous interval workout!
(Playoff Season:  Time on ice per game / Shifts / Time on ice per shift / Shifts per game)
This is a game of short bursts of sprints with little recovery time, so you have to be in top-notch shape to handle both anaerobic capacity and aerobic endurance.
WARMUP / TECH: Agility ladder
WOD: Let's honour our team with our very own Hockey Night in Canada!
(Burpee version!)
10 Rounds of:
30' Wallballs (20/14 lbs)
30' Burpees
2 min Rest
Try to fit this wod in your schedule today!
Much love,
Fancypants ;)