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Caspian Report is Excellent Coverage of Complex Geopolitical Issues.

Today's post has nothing to do with fitness but does concern your intellectual empowerment.  So if knowledge is power... Let's get after it! :-)

In our hyper connected world of today, geopolitical issues are more complex than ever.  For years I have found mainstream media's coverage of these issues lacking and incomplete.

I first started looking at alternative media with Vice News on YouTube and quickly found Caspian Report.

To quote their page:

"Caspian Report is an independent research and media group based in Baku, Azerbaijan.  The group addresses geopolitical, economic and social issues."

I can honestly say this page has helped educate me as to how the world is working.  For this I am grateful and thus sharing it with you.

Some of my more favourite videos:

Geopolitics of Nigeria

Iran's Internal Power Struggle

Saudi Arabia's Anti-Corruption Purge

I could go on but will let you investigate for yourselves.

Please enjoy and share any of your preferred alternative media resources in the comments section.