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Cave Men Who Walk Among us

image Further to our Paleo challenge it seems Crossfitter's are leading the way in adopting a new nutritional way of life. Maclean's article Monday's Lesson Plan: Warm UP: 20 unbroken pullups x 3 rounds for time (scale reps if you have not use band. Ie. do 6 pullups not 20 with a purple band) Tech: Warm up to workout weight for deadlift, bench press, back squat and do 10-20 GH Situps WOD: Rowtator 3 rounds of Row (250m) bench press (135/75) Deadlift (185/115) GH Situps KB swing (2/1.5 pood) 3min rest Split class into 5 groups. Row is not is the timer for all the other movements. Rotate after the last person to finish row. Total reps is the score.