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“Century Club” Heats

All CrossFit Vancouver members can jump in and join the workout tomorrow. There will be progressions for every movement in the Century Club. Yes, it will be an endurance effort but we'll go through the many options for the rope climbs, pullups, ring dip progressions.. Post here if you need a partner. 10:15 - "Kick-Off" Heat Team #1 Corey and Sunghee Team #2 JB and Brooke Team #3 Chubey and Kelly Samms Team #4 Seron and Iron Sheik 10:30 Heat Team A - Jenny and Whibbs Team B - Aimee and Colin Team C - Smart Girl and B.K Team D - ShoeBomber and Carrie 10:45 "The Girlyman Heat" Team #5 Girly and Peter OS Team #6 Pinky and Lumber Team #7 Dober and JayBoy Team #8 Andy and Emily 11:00 Shepherd Heat Team #9 Sheppie and Elaina Team #10 Wendy and Derek Team #11 Rhea and Marco Team #12 Snoball with the Mom & Daughter Combo (Lesley and Natalie) 11:15 - The Wildebeest Crew Team #13 Patty and Lauren Team #14 Kermit and The Duke Team #15 Hallie and Charlie Palmer Team #16 Marcie and Tbear 11:30 - "Puppy House" Team #17 - Pup and MamaCITA Team #18 - Fancy Pants and Bald Eagle Team #19 - Brass and Jill Team #20 - CDot and Morning Date 11:45 - "Proffesor's Office Hours" Team #21 - Fern and the Prof Team #22 - Tinkerbell & Teresa Team #23 - Peter Bell Irving and the Plumber Team #24 - Craig and Brother in Law All others will be added - don't be shy. Come in - CJ will get you warm and into one of the heats. Burgers, beverages and NFL playoffs after. T