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CF Van Hosts Regionals After Party

Next Sunday, after the Regional competition, CF Van is hosting an after party at our home. Get a ticket early because we're only printing 300. Contact Audrey at to get tickets. It'll be a great chance for the entire CrossFit community in Canada West, from athletes to fans to judges and coaches, to get together for a post-competition drink or two. The Regionals organizers and REEBOK will also be coming. This shaker will set the bar for the other regions! Check out the Facebook Page that Squad is putting together: FB PAGE FRIDAY: Tech: Snatch High Pulls/Squat Snatch (Spend 15 minutes on high pulls first. Do 5 sets of 3-5 heavy reps. Then move to the squat snatch) WOD: Regionals WOD Double Under-Snatch Ladder - How far can you go? In 50 seconds, complete 20 double unders and one snatch. Then move to the next station, and at the top of the minute begin again. The load will increase by 10 pounds at each station. You have 50 seconds each minute to complete the double unders and one snatch. Keep going until you can't complete the snatch weight. We'll start the load much lower than the Regional WOD (55 lbs for women, 95 for men). If you can't consistently do 20 double unders in 15-20 seconds, do 10 double unders instead, or 20 single skips each minute). When you're knocked out, work on your double unders!!! Check out the workout description video on the Games site: WORKOUT DESCRIPTION VIDEO Coaches: Set up bars ranging from 55 pounds to 185 pounds (This means there will be 13 pre-loaded bars on the floor. Everyone will use the same bars, like the Thruster Ladder at Regionals last year. Send your athletes off one minute at a time. Women start at 55 pounds. Men start at 95 pounds). - EUNICE