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CF Van Machine Madness Day 2 - Unweighted Fran - hint of whats to come

Hope you all had fun with Kelly today. Tomorrow (Tuesday) is going to be a short burner: Unweighted Fran Xs 3 Ie 3 rounds of: 21 Dowel Thrusters 21 Pullups 15 Dowel Thrusters 15 Pullups 9 Dowel Thrusters 9 Pullups 2 minute break Even though the thrusters are unweighted you still need to achieve full range of motion going bellow parallel on the squat and locking the bar out overhead. For the pull-ups, we want them to be continuous so if you cant do continuous kipping pull-ups use a band-use a size bigger than you would ordinarily use, and if you cant do 21 Green band pull-ups continuous use a box. What we are trying to determine is the potential time you could be working towards on fran if strength was not an issue. As a hint as to whats to come later in the week, check out this video my brother put together staring our very own Darth Erkle and "Supa". The crossfit Van segment starts 1.20 in: