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CF Van Machine Madness Day 3 - jumping time

Just spent an amazing day with the nutrition guru himself, Rob Wolf. Some exciting things to come! Today we are going to give our hands a break after all the pull-ups yesterday and see what our legs can do, and in particular how high we can jump. Build up to your 1 rep max box jump, then: # of rounds in 12minutes 300m row 6 mountain climbers 3 Waist high box jumps 6 burpees On the row, go hard Mountain climbers - start in a plank position and jump your left foot to your left hand and then as your jumping it back bring your right food toward your right hand. Waist high box jumps - these do not need to be continuous. Chances are you will need to reset and compose yourself between each one. If you don't have a waist high box jump, add it to your list of things to work on - more olifting will help -my box jump went from 30' - 38' in a 8 month period after starting o-lifting. and for your reading pleasure, here is an exert from Greg Everetts book-If anyone wants me to bring one back, I can save you the shipping fees.... "Static stretching with a few exceptions such as the wrists and ankles, does not belong among pre-training activities. It neither warms the body, reduces the risk of injury, nor effectively increases flexibility. Static stretching has been demonstrated to temporarily interfere with nerve function resulting in a reduction of strength and power and proprioception, meaning sub optimal performance and possibly increasing risk of injury." However, it should be noted that stretching AFTER your workout is strongly encouraged. Both Greg Everett and Rob Wolf have a whole stack of foam rollers that get just as much use as the barbells.