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CFV Male Athlete of 2011

In 2011 one CFV man dominated the number 1 spot more times than any other. In most of 2011's 52 weeks this CFV athlete claimed the top spot at least once and sometimes several times. Even when he got bumped from number one he usually managed to stay in the top 5. Not only did he set a string of personal records during his 2011 campaign for dominance, he set several all-time school records. He wrapped up 2011 much as he started with a 33 second personal best on the Filthy 50 falling a mere 4 seconds short of Pete K's School Record (imagine if he hadn't spent 5 seconds tangled in his jump rope at the start of the double-unders)! Who am I talking about? You might guess it would be one of the usual suspects: CFV legends like Andy and Lumber. Or maybe one of our up and coming superstars like Lars, Poker or Dan. Acknowledging the sheer undisputed awesomeness of those 5 CF studs, I'd like to cast my vote for the CFV Male Athlete of the year: Vincent McCurley, the little engine that could! That's right. Go back and check the Leaderboard for 2011. Numbers don't lie and this guy owns more #1 finishes in 2011 than any other male athlete. And its' not just in running anymore. Kid Flash arrived at CFV already possessing superhuman speed. We knew we weren't going to beat him in the runs but back in those early years in Sheppie's 11am Group Classes, Panda, CJ, Old Man Chan and I still had a good shot at beating Vince in non-running WODs. After all the little guy is only 135lbs soaking wet. But over the years Vinsanity has become more than just a little speed-demon. He has overcome a back injury and returned stronger. He's not likely to claim top spot on the CF Total anytime soon but in any WOD with weights under 155lbs it is no longer a given that the bigger, stronger man wins. If Kermit's 95lb Snatches at the CF Regionals were the most inspiring CF moment of the year, every WOD Vince has performed at 135lbs this year must qualify for 2nd place. Many of you have seen his name perched atop the Leaderboard but outside the early morning classes many don't know just what an exceptional and driven athlete Vince is. Father of 3 and married to Kimmy (probably CFV's fastest ever female athlete), Vince still manages to train 4-6 times per week rising early for the 6am classes even in the dark, cold, rainy winter months. And he hits it hard! Not content to knock over a minute off his blistering Barbara time, Vince added a 6th round just because he could. 20 sets of 20 consecutive double unders in 30 minutes? No problem, Vince only needed 6 minutes to blast through his first 400. So he did it again, in 6.5 minutes. And a third time for good measure. 1200 Double Unders in one WOD. Why not? This is the kind of work ethic Vince brings. As a morning coach it is a real privilege to work with an athlete as motivated and hard-working as Vince. I know Andy, Emily and the rest of the morning coaching crew feel the same. His determination and dedication are an example to us all. Vince doesn't complain, he doesn't make excuses, he just shows up and gets it done. He is a little man with the heart of a giant. Vince my friend, thank you for setting the bar high for the rest of us! Warm Up: Pull Up Strengthening Pull ups. Don't got'em? Get'em. Already got'em? Make them stronger. Here's how: Tech: 3 Kips The big beat swing Butterfly Kip Frog Kip WOD: J.T. 21-15-9 HSPU Ring dips Push Ups