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Challenge the CrossFit Couples Theory or Eunice will deem it LAW

Once again, the theory is: Relationships where one person CrossFits and the other one doesn't will eventually fail (most likely sooner rather than later). In short, CrossFitters are more successful in love when they hop on another CrossFitter. The comments from the first post about this were entirely affirmative. Although a great theory, there has to be an exception out there. Does anyone in this community have a relationship that's going strong with someone who isn't a member of the community? In the meantime, adding fuel to the theory, here's another great example of a beautiful CrossFit couple: Marco and Carly. image Long-time CrossFitter Marco Citton met Carly outside of CF Van, dated her for a bit, and soon brought her into the community. They've been together for almost a year and a half. The love this couple radiates every time I see them working out together gives me hope smile Carly says: “Like most people, we are so busy during the week that even though we live together, sometimes we don't get to catch up. Going to CrossFit together gives us an opportunity to ignore the daily chores, TV shows, etc and just live in the moment for an hour.". Marco says: “I love Carly’s fierce determination. When I first brought her in, I didn’t know what to expect or how she would react. But she’s a warrior; she took to it right away without hesitation. She blows me away every time I see her in here. I love that." Friday's WOD: Warm-up: Tabata Pull-Ups Tech: Warm-up barbell turkish get-up WOD: 1 Rep Maxes -Turkish Get-up (work your way up to a one rep. barbell max) -Back Squat (1, 1, 1, 1, 1) Post the sum of your two heaviest loads to leaderboard Eunice and Bill