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Charity O-lifting Clinic Next Saturday.

Most of you know Im training with a Nigerian Olympic weightlifting Coach up at SFU. He competed for Nigerias national team and then was hired on as a full time coach. 5 years ago while coaching the Nigerian National team he claimed refuge status in BC. After 5 years of jumping through hoops he has just become a Canadian resident and his family is finally able to come join him. He has a five year old daughter back in Nigeria that he has not seen since she was 3 months old. The flights alone to move them over here are $4000 USD. He coaches o-lifting for the love of the sport and although he spends 8+hrs a week training me in his spare time (to make ends meet he works as a safety coordinator on construction sites full time) he charges next to nothing for it. To give you an idea of his coaching abilities back in November I had a 35kg snatch and 60kg clean and jerk. Next month at provincials I hope to post a 65kg snatch and 82kg Clean and Jerk and among others he also coaches Parm, a super heavy weight who is on Canada’s National Team. But beyond his coaching abilities, he is an amazing person. Through helping me become a better lifter and coach he has indirectly improved our crossfit community, so I am asking the community for support to help fund his families flights to Canada. Next Saturday (November 1st) I’m going to host two Charity O-lifting Clinics (Craig has agreed to give ALL proceeds collected to Dan). The first clinic will be from 12-3 and will break down the clean and jerk into its individual components. The second clinic will be from 3-5 and will only be open to those who have attended one of the previous clinics and will provide additional skills and drills to improve your lifts and have a video analysis component. Register for the clinics in advance ( The cost will be $50/clinic (again ALL proceeds will go towards Dan). Donations will also be accepted if you are unable to attend. Any questions just let me know. MACHINE Crossfit tribe, I suspect this dude has earned it. Come out and lean the love of the Olympic Lifts Crossfit Vancouver will match all proceeds. Friday and Saturday Workout: 5K Run Strength Recovery: 5 sets 5 reps 60% max of each (squat, deadlift, bench press) If you come Friday you do a 5k run, come saturday and not Friday, 5k run, come friday and do strength recovery Saturday.