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Chest to bar and burpees

After a huge day of moving big loads over a 20 minute period, it's time to change things up and work on improving our "relative strength" and muscle/ respiratory endurance. 50 chest to bar, 50 burpees for time. For the chest to bar- chest MUST touch the bar or the rep doesn't count, and for the burpees- chest must touch deck and you must jump and press your arms up overhead ( no clap) so from the side you can see your ear wax shut eye Coaches have your athletes use whatever band they need to complete this workout in a time of 5 - 15 minutes (max). This is not a strength workout, so if your pull ups are going to be 1 rep at a time and you will be 25-30 minutes please use a band. The goal of this workout is Power- a lot of work/ the shortest time. For warm up- Tabata skipping (alternate feet) for every time your right foot hits the ground count 1 rep. For the Tech portion perform Max height box jumps or dust of the pommle horse and leap on that ( except for you Kyla wink ) Popeye