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Chris Saini “The Shepherd”: Coach

image Wikipedia definition: A shepherd is a person who tends to, feeds, or guards sheep, especially in flocks. The word may also refer to one who provides religious guidance, as a pastor. Sheppy grew up in the thriving metropolis of Cobourg, Ontario, where he honed his skills as an athlete and a high-ranking boy scout. Next to CrossFit, the best job he ever had was working as a counsellor at a Presbyterian Christian Camp in Muskoka for three summers during High School. After discovering CrossFit in the spring of 2006, Sheppy describes his life as, "getting progressively better everyday." He adds: “Its uplifting to be part of such an awesome community.” Sheppy’s coaching style can be described as patient and encouraging, with an emphasis on fairness and honesty. “I consider myself a conduit for the method. I’ll take no kudos for my students because they are doing the work. They deserve the kudos,” he says. Sheppy believes in practicing what he preaches, with a particular emphasis on nutrition and wellness. As an example, his three favourite things in life are meat, sex and exercise. When asked, "What about love?" he says, "Yes, I love all three." Always a positive and an upbeat influence around the school, Sheppy will help to make fitness a functional part of your life. Sheppy's Certifications: • CrossFit Level I Certified • CrossFit Barbell Certified • CrossFit Running and Endurance Certified • CrossFit O-lifting certified • CrossFit Gymnastics Certified • NCCP Level I Wrestling • BA in Sociology & Psychology (AKA dumb jock degree) • BA in History