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Christmas Hours

Tis the season to be Jolly! Below are the hours that Crossfit Vancouver will be open over the festive season! Please make note of these times. Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone.


Tuesday Warm-up

100m shuttle runs.  Give yourself a generous warmup.  Get your legs, ankles and hammies warm before going for broke.  Hand and foot must cross the line.

This is a winter sub for our 100m Dash.  5 by 20m.  Use mats for the run out beyond the line.  2 can go at once. Big Dudes finish by the christmas tree. Lighter peeps by the meat fridge.

We'll be getting times for everyone today and tomorrow in the first half hour of class.  Post your fastest to the leaderboard for Dec 13th.

At half Past the hour

Skill -Tech - Hang Squat Clean (get heavy and work up to 80 - 90%). Grip it tight and use hip extension along with a big shrug.


5 Rounds -5 Hang Squat Cleans (105/155) -50 Double-Unders (20 minute time limit) - Post your time and name to the front board.