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Teens and Parents Exercising Together

If you are a part of our community you may have noticed that several of our newest members are well below the legal drinking age. 

Thea, was the first young person to break into our community after training with Emily. 

Most recently though, Ben, who is the son of Mike and Jocelyne, has started to take part in regular classes after completing his fundamentals with me (Tom). 

Ben, by no choice of his own has been surrounded by our gym and community for nearly 6 years now. I can clearly remember seeing him up in the lounge playing with his sister Nina, or on the sofa downstairs on his iPad as his mom and dad were working out. I also have memories of Mike and Jocelyne encouraging Ben and Nina to do squats and ring rows after the 11am class on a Saturday morning. 

When Ben told me he wanted to start training at MadLab I think Mike was more excited than Ben. Mike's face lit up. He looked like a kid on Christmas morning. 

Training Ben hit close to home for me. It reminded me of when I was his age and how I was seeking the same guidance and structure in the gym that Ben was receiving. When I was Ben's age there was no where like MadLab to train in my home town. I was forced to use the internet and Mens Fitness magazine to try and figure out what I should be doing in the gym. 

Part of our mission at MadLab School of Fitness is to provide not only a quality fitness service, but also a supportive community where people can raise their families and ingrain healthy habits. 

Seeing Ben and Thea in the gym makes me incredibly happy as it provides evidence that we are succeeding in creating a supportive and diverse community for people of all ages. 

Coach Tom