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Close Grip Bench

image Arnold says 'Get those hands closer together'... and then 'Remember when I said I’d kill you last… I lied!' Today's Skill/Tech/Strength Element: Find your 1RM Close Grip Bench* (index fingers just on the smooth part of the bar, or about 14" apart) Today's Workout: In teams of two, one person performs KB (1.5/1 pood) swings while the other runs 200m. Teammates must tag up on the KB after every run. Fastest team to reach a total of 300 KB swings as a team wins. *if you can't get into the gym today make this up later in the week. We are going to look for optimal strength ratios for a number of lifts starting with the shoulder complex and using the 1RM Close Grip Bench as our baseline. Andy