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Cloudy with a Chance of Running

Forecast calls for overcast but no rain.  Wear your Vibrams or Nike Free or Innovates or whatever you run best in. Tech: OHS 5-5-5-5-5 WOD: Griff Run 800 meters Run 400 meters backwards Run 800 meters Run 400 meters backwards Do genetics affect aerobic improvement? Thanks to Odd Socks for this interesting piece: Why do some people respond to an aerobic workout routine by becoming incredibly fit, whereas others who exercise just as hard for months end up no fitter than when they began? Paleo and Wild-Sourced Enthusiasts Take Note: No Vegetarians Allowed My friend Robin owner of Swallowtail Underground Supper Club and our own Matt "The Wildman" Guterres are hosting their first ever Paleo Supper The theme is Smoke & Fire. You'll get 5 courses of: Chef Foraged Wild Foods Local Organic Produce The Juiciest Sustainable Local Meats Recipes & Foraging Tips Free Bonus Offer For Crossfitters Mention this newsletter when you reserve your seat before May 10 for a spot on their crabbing party. Join SwallowTail's own, Chef Robin for a lesson in crabbing locally and take part in pulling dinner out of the sea for the event. Crabbing takes place one day prior to the event, on May 14. Call 778 319 9453 for info & booking or email