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Coach Andy at the Games

image A long overdue Congratulations goes out today to Andy on a job well done at the Games in Aromas. "The Monk" finished 6th in the SandBag Uphill Sprint and 23rd in the 7.1km Run from Hell. He finished 23rd overall at the 2009 CrossFit Games! Thousands of athletes competed to go and 75 of the best from around the world competed against one another in Aromas for the title of "World's Fittest Man". Andy placed higher than many .com featured athletes like Chris Spealler (25th), and Josh Everett (35th). Way to go Andy - 5 Workouts in one day is a test that I wouldn't send anyone into without the prep and maintenance that you consistently do better than anyone else I know. Congrats. Monday's Class - "The Bear Complex" Technique - review and practice all movements in the bear complex. Practice lowering the bar to the back of the shoulders. **Think of a push press in reverse by absorbing the weight with a knee bend. WOD: 7 Sets of the following sequence: 1 Power Clean 1 Front Squat 1 Push Press 1 Back Squat 1 Push Press (then down to a touch and go to start the next power clean) 5 Rounds with rest between rounds to load up. The goal is to work up to max load on the 5th round. There will be no time component for this WOD but lets have all classes end at the top of the hour. Break up or combine the movements any way as long as the following rules are met: - NO RESTING ON THE GROUND (even to re-grip) during each round - Power Cleans starts at the ground and finishes standing with full hip extension - Squat Cleans or DeadLifting to Hang Power Cleans are acceptable - The squats have to go BELOW parallel - Presses finish with lockout overhead, Push Jerks are acceptable - Combining Front Squat and Push Press (i.e. Thrusters) is acceptable but if Squat Clean method is used, one must stand first before doing Thrusters. Post your completed loads to our crossfit leaderboard.