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Coach Emily's Top 5Holiday Tips

Three more sleeps until one of my favourite days each year!

Tip #1:

There's no place for guilt when it comes the holidays, so eat the Christmassy food you look forward to all year, and then move on.

Tip #: 2

And the mulled wine and eggnoggy cocktails (if that's your thing).

Tip #3:

If it makes you feel happier, more relaxed, or you need a break from family time, come join us for a workout. Or 3. Or 8. And definitely come to the January 1st training session if you're able to to ring in the new year with a good sweat! 

Tip #4:

Get outside for a walk even if it's raining, or maybe snowing? (My mother already has me teed up to do the Coquitlam crunch on Christmas morning). 

Tip #5:

Enjoy yourself, B******!!!

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and I hope to see those of you who are in town during the next 10 days!