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Fitness Is Our Business. Make It Yours Too.



We are a designated School of Fitness in Canada—designated with the Private Training Institution Branch (PTIB).

This means that all of our coaches are going through, or have completed a three-to-four-year extensive apprentice diploma program.

By the time they’re working with clients, they’ve done more than just a weekend course that tells them they’re now certified to personal train—as is the case with many personal trainers and coaches today.

Our apprentice coaches spend months shadowing instructors before they start working with their own clients. Through connections with the MadLab Group (a business network of gym owners), they pursue continued education seminars, though. They’re required to write tests through the MadLab Group’s online school, on subjects ranging from anatomy to exercise physiology to coaching cues and nutrition. They’re also tested via practical exams.


We want to ensure that your coaches are experts when it comes to fitness and strength and conditioning.

The same way getting fit takes time – so does learning how to coach. By the time your coach starts working with you, he/she is a knowledgeable fitness professional.

Also, our apprentice coaching program means we have enough man power to put at least two coaches in every group class. Through MadLab Group’s research, we have learned the higher the coach to student ratio, the better our students do.

Further, our system is designed so coaches can become career coaches with the ability to make a professional living in the industry. This means, the same way many people seek a consistent family doctor and accountant for life, our clients have the opportunity to develop a relationship with a coach for life—to manage their health and well-being.