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Coach Trivia Time: Winner Gets a Free Dinner from Eunice!

We've done this before, and it's always great fun reading your guesses!

Here's how it works. The following anecdotes are all true and all belong to one of our coaches. Post to comments which piece of trivia belongs to which coach. First person to get them all correct gets a MadMeal!

Deadline is Monday at 8 pm. If nobody gets all 11 correct, we'll go with who has the most correct.


1. Alex

2. Andy

3. Chesty

4. Chloe

5. CJ

6. Dashie

7. Emily

8. Kermit

9. Sheppy

10. TBear

11. Tom

TRIVIA (With Gender neutral pronouns ON POINT!)

• This coach was hospitalized after a nose hair clipping session gone bad! The ensuing nose bleed was so severe, they lost 3 litres of blood.

• This coach lied about their age to their first significant other. They were 16 at the time and told their boyfriend/girlfriend they were 21! (The best part is the significant other never found out the truth).

• This coach slept with a doll every night until the age of 15.

• This coach could do a muscle-up before they could do a sit-up!

• This coach still has a scar on their arm from burning themself while working at White Spot. 

• This coach Q-tips their ears multiple times each day.

• This coach is not a Canadian citizen.

• This coach was expelled from private school in Grade 8.

• This coach had a serious stamp collection as a child.

• This coach broke their back in a construction accident.

• This coach's favourite dinosaur is Stegosaurus and they have titanium screws in their body