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Coach’s Orders: Don’t go Hard every day.

image “Go hard, or go home.”  You’ve all heard that one before – in fact, it’s something we talk about here on a regular basis.  But going hard, or as hard as you can, every time you work out is a TALL order!  It has the potential to drive you right under – and maybe even keep you from showing up at all for a workout. Going hard takes on many different forms for me.  Some days, when I’m feeling great – I go hard right out of the gate.  Other days, when I’m dragging, or not feeling 100%, I’ll start easy – if it feels good, I up the intensity as I go along, and if not, I just keep it easy.  In fact, I’ve set a few personal records on days like this! Try this:  Next time you’re not feeling like working out – show up anyway and just start.  Go easy – pretend that you’re just going to stay at “warm up pace” through the whole workout.  Then check in with how you feel and increase as appropriate!