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Cold Brew vs Iced Coffee

I know we all love our coffee.  I call it my "Get $#!& done juice".

For those of you who don't drink coffee... Please explain yourselves.


Otherwise I'm writing this blog to confirm some facts and debunk some of the myths around cold brew and iced coffee.  The internet is littered with infograms explaining what the difference is between these two delectable incarnations of the magical good ol' cup of Joe.  Here is one such infogram:

Reasonably straight forward explanation of the difference correct? ... But let's delve deeper.


Recently an article written by Bobby Finger in the New York Times did this exact plunge and came up with some interesting conclusions.

Is it really less acidic?

“Dr. Rabia A. De Latour, a gastroenterologist and assistant professor of medicine at NYU Langone Health... I’ve seen this statistic a lot,” she said in reference to a oft-quoted claim that cold brew is 70 percent less acidic than regular iced coffee. “But I don’t see any scientific data to support this claim,” directing me to a study that shows “comparable” pH values from cold- and hot-brew samples, “ranging from 4.85 to 5.13.”
Is there less caffeine?
"Wading through the world of cold brew coffee can be a brutal game of trial and error. Thanks to the wide range of brewing methods, the difference in caffeine content among cold brews is considerably harder to predict than the amount of acid. After brewing for 20 hours, 16 ounces of cold brew at Starbucks contains 200 milligrams of caffeine (12 milligrams per ounce). While that’s about 20 percent higher than their iced coffee, which clocks in at 165 milligrams (10 milligrams per ounce), it’s considerably lower than the same amount of hot coffee, which has 310 milligrams (20 milligrams per ounce). Coffee from Dunkin’ reports similar numbers, with 10.8 milligrams in every ounce of cold brew."
The article goes on to discuss the extremely high caffeine content in some of the pre-packaged products. 
So there you have it...  Clear as mud right? ;-)
If you are wondering about the quality of the NT Times source, here is a link to Media Bias/Fact Check's report on the NY Times.
"Overall, we rate the New York Times Left-Center biased based on word and story selection that moderately favors the left, but highly factual and considered one of the most reliable sources for information due to proper sourcing and well respected journalists/editors."

Please enjoy responsibly.  :-)