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Cold Season Is Upon Us

Cold season is here... Unfortunately. 

For obvious reasons MadLab requests you don't come to the gym when you are sick.  This includes bringing your sick children when they are home from school. 

We thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

There is so much misinformation out there around sickness and exercise.   I found a great infographic from Precision Nutrition on what you should do exercise wise when you are sick. 

The infographic includes:

  • Different types of immunity
  • What exercises to do and not do
  • Exercise and immunity
  • Timing a return to exercise

I consider PN a very reputable source.  Click here to give it a read.

Personally, once I'm over the awfullness, I walk my dog and start in on mobility exercises.  When I'm better I return to work and get through that.  When I feel ready I'll start back with some light deadlifts and some pulling and pushing.  All low intensity.  If I feel better after that I can keep building. 

Talk to your coach about making an effective return to exercise and MadLab after you've been sick.