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“Competitive Sport begins where healthy sport ends”

image "Competitive sport begins where healthy sport ends". It is an old saying, one that goes back to communist east Germany and their thirst for medals at any cost. There is a slight murmur going around in the Crossfit world these days "I wonder if anyone at the games is taking steroids"? I heard it a lot while in California and it has led to a bunch of conversations with my apprentices. While in my early 20's I read the book "Speed Trap" by Charlie Francis. It is a great read and goes into great detail about doping and how it worked in the 60's, 70's, 80's and into the 90's. After the conversation, Ginger Crotch promptly did some research and found this article Drug Store Athlete by Malcom Gladwell (one of my favorite authors... everyone should read "outliers", a fantastic book) that was written for the New Yorker. In it Gladwell goes beyond "Speed Trap" up to present day doping and describes how it now works. It is amazing. I hope what has happened to track and field and cycling does not happen to our community. Everyone in those sports appears to be cheats and liars. Forced to dope and then to lie in order to be competitive. The difference between taking steroids and not is so dramatic that sometimes I fear the worst. Testing at the games has no chance of ever catching someone who is in the least bit savvy with how performance enhancing drugs work. You would have to be extremely dumb to get caught. It might be that I am nieve, but somehow I still don't believe anyone at the games was "juicing". The reason being that our culture right from the early days is one that frowns upon steroids and the lifestyle that follows it. I hope we can maintain that standard for our community moving forward. Myself - I still think it is about the 70 year olds working out with the 20 something fire breathers and sharing a hug afterwards. Monday's Lesson Plan Warm UP: 1 mile run Tech: Hang Power Clean 3, 3, 3, 3 WOD: The Bear (dumbells) 5 deadlift 5 hang power clean 5 thrusters every minute on the minute for 20 minutes Highest weight completed wins. If you can't complete a round, take 1 minute rest and continue Patty