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Today's workout will focus on conditioning, and be done in "pairs". Athlete A will start on the rower, while athlete B will take off from the rower and sprint run 400m as fast as possible. Athlete A will continue to row for as many calories as he/ she can accumulate until athlete B returns back from the run and touches their partner on the back. (the rower must stop rowing and record calories) Then athlete A will run 400m while partner B rows for a maximum amount of calories in the time it takes his/ her partner to return and touch them on the back. There should be minimal transition time between the rowing and running for each round. After each athlete has run and rowed, rest exactly 3 minutes between rounds ( not between the run and row) for a total of 4 rounds. You want to hit the run "hard" to minimize the time your partner gets to row and "chalk up the calorie points". Coaches have a running timer going and placed in the center of the room so the athlete's will be responsible for keeping track of their rest intervals between rounds. Add up your total calories for all four rounds... highest amount of calories is King/ Queen for the day. Coaches, with the rest intervals combined with the run and row intervals this workout will be over 30 minutes. So have them do a good warm up( ie stretching) and give the weights a rest for the day. 3-2-1 ... GO!!!! Popeye Oh-Yeah!!! On Canada day Sac will be running the only class of the day at 7:30 am. There is casual talk about playing "Hoover Ball" down at the beach. If interested contact Brad Friesen or post in comments to get an idea if it's worth while or not.