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Confess Your Sins

It was unanimous in our Coaches Meeting this morning that instead of emailing me your paleo food log (be it 30%, 50% or 90% compliant) we are going to post it to the message board this Tuesday. I'm asking for your past 7 days please. That is what you ate and how much. Keep it to cups, half cups, grams and ounces if you can. Please don't say a bag of chips, a bunch of bread and a bowl of ice-cream..... I and everyone else will be able to view this. Don't be ashamed, we all want to learn and encourage others to eat a little smarter. This thing is challenging and I know a bunch of us could also use some your creative meal ideas as well. Many of you have done great so far, while others need some re-focusing if they want to see increased performance and a leaner body composition come Spring. Realize the first couple weeks are the hardest, you may feel light headed and sluggish but give it your body a little time to transition. Ask your coach to review your diet log with you. There will certainly be some tweaking needed as we all go ahead. So - Post it here and get on with your healthy day. Tuesdays Workout Warmup - 100m Shuttle Run (All Paleo's need their best time recorded by weeks end) Technique - Front Squats - work up to your true 1 Rep Max then perform the following Workout 25 Front Squats at 80% of your 1RM everytime you re-rack and rest perform 20 Knees to Elbows. Post time to leaderboard. """" CLIENT MEETINGS - Mark your Calendar """" Tuesday, Nov 24th - 8pm - CrossFit Lounge - T-Bear's Crew Wednesday, Nov 25th - 7pm - CrossFit Lounge - Sheppy's Crew Thursday, Nov 26th - 9pm - Charlie's Clientele.