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Congrats BK - Make sure she is not a total bitch

image It has happened, someone from our school is finally going to get the 15 minutes (10 hours actually) of fame we so richly deserve. BK "The ladies man " Lindwall will be leaving us for a few months starting in July. He has been accepted as the next bachelor on the TV show you have all come to know and love (or despise and still watch). It took a team effort. Between Eunice's writing, Kimmy's photography and Baby's many phnoe calls with the producers, we got it done. Un F@*king believeable!!! Nice work guys. We wish the BKer the best and hope he brings a babe home for Rudy to Enjoy!!! Go get em Brother.......and tell em who got ya there!!! Crossfit Vancouver Bitches!! F@*king Awesome......Life just keeps on getting better and better Patty smile