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Congrats to the Great Woodchuck for Tying the Knot!

The Great Woodchuck—aka Nathalie—has been a staple of the MadLab community for almost 7 years! During these 7 years, Woodchuck has never fallen off the horse. Her commitment to her fitness is resilient.

The weekend was a big one for her as she married Jevon—man who clearly makes her incredibly happy—at a beautiful and classy backyard reception at her parents' place in North Van, followed by a happy-go-lucky, relaxed, Woodchuck-style reception at the Olympic village.  

Anyone who has worked out with Woodchuck knows she's a beast of an athlete. But what makes her so amazing is her attitude. A former world-class rower, Woodchuck showed up 7 years ago burnt out from rowing and out of shape. I remember watching her struggle to try to do a pull-up in the big-ass band during her intro session. This was a girl who was used to excelling at sports and at life (she's also a successful engineer), so those early days at MadLab couldn't have been easy emotionally. But even as she struggled, she had a giant smile on her face. 

That's the thing about Woodhuck; she shows up every single day happy, smiling and ready to work her ass off. I always say the way you are in the gym is the way you are in life, and that's exactly who Woodchuck is in life. She brings amazing energy to the world, and an unmatched work ethic.

We're one lucky community to have the Woochuck along for the ride And Jevon is one lucky man! 

Congrats Nathalie!