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Congratulations Anna...and maybe Lars

I'm unclear whether or not to congratulate Lars seeing as the baby's jet black hair raises obvious suspicions. This baby might be a Sheppy offspring. Sheppy? (Actually, she was conceived while we were in Whistler. Maybe it's Steve Howell's kid). Regardless of the father, welcome Sequin Stellar Konge into the world! (Lars, you know I'm your biggest fan, but you know you now have two children who are going to have explaining to do their entire lives? Poor La Wren will spend her life explaining that her first name is actually two words separated by an uncharacteristic space, and now Sequin Stellar will be left with the task of having to convince everyone that she isn't part of a Hippie Hall of Famer family over on Saltspring Island). Congrats, Konges! This place wouldn't be the same without you and your beautiful family! Love you. Eunice.