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Congratulations CFV Affiliate Team!

After Sunday morning's 10:30am WOD our athletes gathered in the coaches' office to watch the live stream of the final Affiliate Team event and we cheered for our box's best as they put in a solid 5th place performance to finish the weekend 14th overall! Andy, TBear, Lumber, Rhea, Aimee and Emily you are all awesome!!! Ask your coaches about these two new products now available at CrossFit Vancouver: EBI Fish Oil Dr. Barry Sears called retail grade fish oils "the sewer of the seas". Changing to this pharmaceutical grade product previously only available through naturopaths has allowed me to drop my fish oil dose from 12000-15000mg/day to 4800-5180mg/day. EFA Plex Flax Seed Oil Many CrossFit Coaches and athletes have long used Udo's Flax Seed oil to boost nutrition and performance but those using Udo's higher grade EFA Plex, pharmaceutical formula claim it has yielded better energy and performance results. Both products are now available through your coach. Now on to our workout: Team Day (no Leaderboard) The only thing I love more than a chance to get on the Leaderboard is a chance to play with my friends. I love team day and so in celebration of our Affiliate Team's efforts, let's have some fun with Monday's team WOD. Warm Up With a partner standing 2-mat widths apart complete: 3 rounds of 10 Sprawl Balls (8/12) 10 Med Ball Sit Ups Technique (go to "see more" for photos) After seeing the CF Games athletes struggle with this one, I couldn't leave it alone: Ring HSPU If you don't have a regular HSPU try this from a pike position on the floor or with your feet propped on a bench. Coaches I recommend athletes first place their head on a mat as in a headstand then kick one leg up to find the ring band before bringing up the 2nd leg and always have spotters. When I tried kicking up my first time I went straight through:) WOD CrossFit Playground Coaches split your class into 2 roughly equal teams. Stations have been set up for each team's players. Teams will have 20 minutes to get through 5 stations as many times as possible. All players will proceed one-by-one through the stations in order. They may not advance to the next station until the player ahead of them has moved on. Station #1 250ft Sled Pull (25/45lbs) (across the compound and back) Station#2 48ft Hanging Travel Across the Pull Up Bars (low bar/high bar)(go to "see more" for photos) If player drops from bar they may take 2 steps back and jump up to continue, boxes allowed to reach the bar if necessary Station#3 4 Overhead Slams (sand bag/ heavybag)(go to "see more" for photos) Lift from floor and lock out overhead before slamming onto red crash mat (30lb D-Ball may be used as a progression if needed) Station#4 8 Toes to Bars (men)/Knees to Elbows (women) Station#5 24 Box Jumps (20/24) Count one point each time a player completes a station as in runs-in in baseball. Get through the stations as many times as possible inside the time limit. Winning team gets bragging rights, losing team gets 10 burpees each. Have Fun! Coaches post the best team scores in every class. Teams that fail to beat the best posted score get an additional 5 burpees each even if they win their heat. Bill sets up in headstand - note the foot wrap! image Bill Pushes up into HSPU on Rings image Dan F demos Hanging Travel image Elizabeth demos Sandbag Overhead Slam image Dan F. demos Heavybag Overhead Slam image