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Big Scoop vs Litte Scoop

We all like to snack on things right from the jar, bag or carton.

I know when I am running late or just need some quick calories I used to grab a quick spoonful of peanut butter or grab a cookie from the nearest coffee shop. 

If you are counting your calories and are trying to mindful about how much food you are putting body consider how much of a difference there can be in a large scoop of something vs a small scoop or how one cookie may not just be one cookie. 

Also, be aware that when counting calories and tracking food intake, that many apps and sites may lack specific info about a specific product. For example, a cookie is simply not just a cookie. As seen in the picture above, seven cookies of one brand equal the same amount of calories as one cookie of another. 

Though we may not all be tracking our calories down to the very last one, take this as a reminder when having a cheat or going out with friends that moderation is key to everything. 

If you are interested in learning about portion control and calorie intake schedule a session with your coach or reach and have one contact you. 

Coach Tom