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Awareness of Posture and Slouching

I spend a large amount of my day on feet and large amount of time standing in one place or pacing around the gym. 

One thing I try to be conscious of at all times is my posture. 

Am I slouching - Do I have a forward head tilt - Are my pelvis and rib cage stacked - Am I standing ducked or pigeoned. 

Roughly five years ago now I became very aware of how I was walking, how I was standing and how I was sitting even. Sometimes i let it all slide and just turn into a mashed potato like figure on the couch, but most of the time I am aware of my posture and my positioning. 

Being aware of head, spine and hip position will not only make you look taller, feel taller and portray more confidence. It wall also help you in the gym. 

Consider practicing simple bracing and posture cues in daily life.

For example:

Try to stand taller than everyone else in the line at the grocery store. 
Move you rear view mirror just a little higher so you are forced to sit up taller while driving.
When standing in line at any location contract and relax the glutes to remind yourself to keep your pelvis neutral. 
When working at your computer keep both feet flat on the floor rather than crossing them or folding them. This will force you to sit taller and remind you not slouch at your desk. 

These little things can go a long way in a world where sitting and staring at iPhones cause us all to slouch and encourage what doctors are now calling "Nintendo Neck". 

Coach Tom.