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Controlled Articulate Rotations

CARs is what a joint is capable of doing. If you use them in your training, you’ll be able to strengthen the entire joint and the muscles around it.

It’s easy to feel your muscles work when there’s a barbell on your back or a dumbbell in your hand. Your body gets the resistance from an external force. There’s a bit of a tug of war, something for you to overcome.

It’s not as easy to feel your muscles work when you have to draw a circle through the air. It’s all on you to create the resistance. There’s just you standing there in space.

Here are some ways you can create more resistance for CARs, yourself:

Maximal Expansive Breathing. Breathe in, fill your lungs up with as much air as possible. Breathe out, empty your lungs completely. I mean it, all the way in and all the way out. You should feel your core muscles. Continue to breathe, but hold that tension through the entire motion.

Make a fist. Squeeze all the muscles in your hand. If you squeeze hard enough you’ll feel all the muscles up your arm. Treat it like a stereo for resistance. Squeezing harder is like turning up the volume. Let those contractions spill throughout the body.

Reach for it. When you draw a circle with your joint, reach as far into the directions as you can. Keep reaching so you can feel your muscles stretch on one side, and contract on the other. Try to connect each stretch all the way around the circle.

Use your imagination. Instead of drawing a circle through the air, imagine your inside of a big bucket of ice cream. Now carve your way out using only your shoulder joint. Make sure you decide how frozen the ice cream is, that will definitely change the resistance.