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Cracked his back on a Tuesday.

Coachman Chesty,

In the tub on a Monday,

Cracked his back on a Tuesday,

Up at 4 on Wednesday,

No chill on Thursday,

Born on a Friday,

Mobs with the people on Saturday,

Brought the 4pm back on Sunday.

It’s not the end,

Of Coachman Chesty


It’s been a minute, but the short is I use to be painter, fell off a ladder, and crushed about a third of one of my vertebrae, oh, and there is a whole bunch of stuff before that. Anywho, you could say it was the seed that brought me to here.


And then comes the pain. At any moment I can recall everything about that moment. The space around me drowns out. The veins thicken as my hands clench. My lower back locks down as the pain fans out across the rest of my back, the next moment I’m in the back of an ambulance choked that they decided to cut my hoodie, I suppose that’s on my dollar.


The truth is, every moment in my life has some humorous note, even the big ones. Whether I use it as a means to cope or just happen to throw it in there to watch the world burn, I love it. When I can find humour in raw, painful moments in my life, it grants me control. It provides me with a moment in which I am not the victim of circumstance.


You might figure after years of learning, training my body, my mind, that I would have surpassed my previous strength and acquired tools to progress further. You’d figure right, Chesty is clever as ever. This does not completely eliminate pain, nor ensure that will be no further pain. Our physical pain deeply affects our psychological state, and the other way around.


I find myself soaking in the tub after a pretty leisure start to my Monday. It’s 10 years to the day since those paramedics scissored my hoodie. And yeah, my back kinda hurts. I’m not surprised, and I don’t blame it on my chronic pain stemming from an injury. I dropped the ball on my regular training, and life ransacked my body. Time to validate, and move forward.


Know that things are going to get better, but a little self doubt can keep you from doing something that will make it worse. Sometimes we do a shitty job of taking care of ourselves, and sometimes we fall off a ladder.


It sucks, and we get better. Persistence baby. Just keep showing up.

And for the record, it looked more like this...


Big love,


Coach Chesty

Emile Maxwell Connaughton