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Crossfit Allows You To Do Amazing Things

Why I do crossfit. By The MACHINE When I first started, AJ kept asking me what it was about crossfit I liked so much, why I kept coming back, and I didn't really know the answer, something just kept drawing me back. But this weekend, I found my answer. I haven't been doing any hiking this summer, and only climbing sporadically. Matt from my 6am class said that he and a friend were heading up to Rogers Pass to scramble up (scrambling is rock climbing without ropes or gear on terrain is relatively easy but exposed so falling is really not an option) Sir Donald (a 3297m class 5.5 climb described as one of the great classic climbs of North America with blocky quartzite rock and exhilarating exposure) so I decided to tag along. We left Friday night and got to Rogers Pass bright and early Saturday morning. The hike from the car park to the campsite was 4km of Grouse Grind type Terrain (carrying a pack with your climbing gear, tent, sleeping bag…). After setting up our tents and having some lunch we decided to scramble up Uto (a class 5.1 climb with elevation of 2927m) as a warm up to Sir Donald which we planed on concurring the next day. The accent was only 3 hours and went relatively smooth (with the exception of a huge flake that shattered just as I was about to step on it at the very beginning of the climb). The views from the top were AMAZING but looking over at the steep exposed edges of Sir Donald towering to the side of us couldn’t help but send shivers down your spine thinking about what you were about to take on tomorrow. A storm rolled in that night, but by morning the skies had cleared and we left the campsite just after 8am to concur Sir Donald. We got to the top in 5 hours passing a group that was trying to use ropes and place gear all the way up. But just as we were about to settle down and enjoy the views, you could see some nasty clouds coming right for us (not a comforting thought when you are 3297m high). So we starting down climbing as fast as we could hoping to make it to the rappel stations before the storm hit. First it was the wind, then snow started to fall, then hail and finally rain. The snow wasn’t bad, but the hail and rain made the rock slick and hands numb (hands are kind of important when you are trying to climb down an exposed mountain). But we made it down before the storm got too bad and even helped out the group that we passed on the way up untangle their ropes so they could start their decent as well. Got back to the campsite by about 7pm and hid in our tents waiting for the storm to pass before hiking back to the car the next morning. Stepping out of the tent and looking up at the peak of Sir Donald the next morning, I couldn't help but smile and feel proud of what we had just accomplished. What's even more impressive is that after 23hrs of hiking/scrambling/climbing steep exposed terrain over 2 days, all of my body parts are still moving and I was even able to go for a 5k run with the 6am crew the next morning. Gotta love what crossfit allows you to do!