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Crossfit Alone is NOT Enough - Diet is Even More Important

Everytime we lose an athlete we look at our selves and ask the question "is there more we could have done to "save" this person". Sometimes the answer is "To tell you the truth when they walk through the door I am not really that happy to see them...they suck the life out of the place and me". We never like to lose a person, but this I can accept, some people should not be in our gym and that is fine. Sometimes we have been guilty of poor coaching and we look at our selves and make a point of improving where we fell down. More often than not when we lose someone, it is a long slow process where the person doesn't really make any gains after the first year of training. This can be chalked up to poor coaching and I will accept responsibility for this, but the coaching didn't fall down with prescribing the right exercise, being a good person, or having the right "stuff". Most likely it is because we haven't impacted the person enough to make a positive change in their life and lifestyle. Diet (and consistency in training) is usually the culprit. The equation is pretty simple: IF YOU ARE NOT FOLLOWING THE PROPER DIET YOU WILL NOT ACHIEVE ANY GAINS AFTER THE FIRST YEAR OF TRAINING. IF YOU DO FOLLOW THE DIET (Zone/paleo: meat & vegetable, nuts and seeds, low gi fruit, little starch and NO SUGAR) YOU WILL RECEIVE IMPROVED PERFORMANCE FOR TEN CONSECUTIVE YEARS OF TRAINING............Not to mention feeling strong, vital and completely jacked with life itself. Check out this great Video Article by Nicole and the people. Watch it and listen to the message. It is bang on. The machine sent this to me and if you need advice on diet she is fast becoming an expert on the subject. Nicole Nutrition Maybe another flab challenge is in order? Anyone interested?