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Crossfit and Cycling: By Kevin Neufeld

image After the first day I knew Crossfit would work for me. It has helped me recover and get back to into top form after being hit with an immune system hiccup, (Idiopathic Haemolytic Anaemia - WBCs killing RBCs). Crossfit has gradually increased my strength and conditioning beyond the level I have ever been at and it is still going up. It was from this vantage point that I was not looking forward to resuming my traditional training for cycling, which involved hours & hours (8-15hrs plus) a week of long, cold, wet riding. What I wanted was a Crossfit cycling training program. Something or someone who knows how to use Crossfit as the foundation for strength and conditioning as well as tap into the needed cycling training for quality gains in that discipline. It is amazing how sometimes things fall into place when your looking for them -- it was in this month CFJ (Jan 2008), I read Brain MacKenzie article "Endurance Training - Decrease Training Time & Increased Work Capacity". After a couple of emails back in forth regarding cycling, I hired him as my cycling coach. I started January 9th, 2 weeks ago today and I already have measurable gains, shaving off seconds off the past weeks intervals. I workout everyday, sometime 2 workouts a day, here is a sample week: Monday - CF Vancouver Tuesday - CF Vancouver // Bike Intervals 8 x 2Km Recover to 120 HR Before next 2K Wednesday - Bike Interval 2 x 5Km Recover to 120HR before next Inter Thursday - CF Vancouver // Bike Tabata 20sec on; 10sec off Friday - CF Vancouver Saturday - Mountain Bike Time Trial 24Km Sunday - Bike Intervals 6 x 1Km HR Recover to 120 Repeat // CF @ Home Cindy Modified 20min of (5 Pull-ups; 10 Push-ups; 15 Squats) Recover 1 Min after each round I cannot remember training this intensely, nor being able to maintain the intensity day after day... And yet I am doing it and with steady gains! Thanks to you and Crossfit. Thanks Patty Kevin Neufeld