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Crossfit and Lactate Threshold

Have you ever heard the term “lactate threshold”? Lactate is a byproduct of carbohydrate metabolism. It is released into your bloodstream during exercise, at increasing amounts with intensity. Lactate threshold is the term that exercise physiologists use for the point at which your blood lactate levels exceed your body’s tolerance for them and your capacity for producing energy drops dramatically - in theory. This theory has also been responsible for the idea that “long, slow, distance” and aerobic training is the best way to prepare your body for aerobic events and to burn fat since high intensity causes your energy production to shut down. At Crossfit Vancouver, we've found just the opposite. We are continuously pushing the limits of intensity and working-out way above what would be considered lactate threshold – and don’t find a dramatic drop in energy production. Furthermore, we find that CrossFit training (short (<30 min) duration at high intensity) definitely has a dramatic, positive influence in aerobic metabolism, burning fat, and performance in “aerobic” events like a 5k or 10k. Recent research agrees with us Read here Seems as though current data supports our experience vs. the previously held “lactate threshold” model. Props to Andy Petranek (Crossfit LA) for this article