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Crossfit and Mastery

except from Mastery by George Leonard image image image .... to be continued The preceding clip was one we put up on the site and made an essential part of our personal training a few years ago. Recently we have been slack on stressing the importance of the Masters Path to our new members. In short, we got lazy and we now see the results of that sloth showing up in the gym. It is entirely our (The coaches...... ultimately mine) fault and we are going to remedy it in the coming weeks. Let me begin the process. Read what I have put down in point form on the Photo of the day. My 6pm class got the full version last night. The book "Mastery" By George Leonard puts it better than I could ever explain it. It is now essential reading and every existing and future member will be required to read it. We had 15 copies that have all since walked out of the gym. We do have a "Coles Notes" handout at the gym for all of you for now, (ask your coach for a copy) but we will be starting a LIBRARY at the new gym for people to borrow the book. image Buy a copy HERE We will discuss this further tomorrow. Wednesday's Workout: GI Jane - 100 burpee pullups Coaches: work the handstand and walking on the hands for warm up / technique...see how far you can walk on your hands. (For those of you who did GI Jane the widow maker smile )