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CrossFit and Preggers

As many of you know, Wendy and The Panda recently had a baby. Lovely Justine. imageimageCrazy to think that little muffin came out of there. With a couple of months left in her pregnancy, I asked Wendy to write an article about her experience of being pregnant and CrossFitting. She promptly got back to me with a Pulitzer worthy effort. Pictures and everything. I thought Wendy’s handling of her pregnancy and fitness was exemplary. She asked me to not publish the article until she had the baby. Once she did bring Justine into this world she said she didn't want to change the article one bit. Although she ended up having a C- section, she said labour was still harder than any CrossFit workout she ever did. I’ll never be pregnant, but I believe her. Can’t bare to break the article apart so I’ve attached it here for your own reading pleasure. Crossfit_and_Preggers.pdf Who knew Panda wore glasses? Friday’s Workout: The Hellenator This is a partner workout. You will trade rounds of Helen for 30 minutes. That is to say… You do a round. They do a round. You do a round… And so on. Just in case you forgot, 1 round of Helen is: 400m Run 21 KB Swings (Black/Red) 12 Pull Ups Score it AMRAP with each round being 35 points. 2 points for the run (if you get to the top of the alley along McLean it counts as 1 point). 1 point/KB. 1 point/pull up. I want you to test your resolve. I want you to smash each round. I want to throw yourself overboard. Recover. Do it again. No leaderboard. Put your names on the front board with your score. Old School. Lars and I got 10.20 last week. Coaches get the workout started by 10 minutes past the hour and lead a stretch to finish up. Nuttin' But Love, Christopher Ram Saini