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Crossfit and the Military - Clinical Trial

image Our brother Andy Nutts died a noble death while living out his dream of leading men in combat. His fear was that he may crack under pressure and let his team down or possibly get someone killed. That did not happen, he led from the front with grace and confidence. He, his superiors and his family have repeatedly given Crossfit and the Family at Crossfit Vancouver credit in being a participant in his transformation from youth without direction to leader of men. Sometimes I think it was the other way around. Guys like Andy are transforming fitness within the military. Up until now, this transformation has been executed via leading by example in combat. Now the US Army is looking at clinical trial to see if the results hold up to the testimony. See for yourself CFJ_USArmy_Study.pdf Thursday's Lesson Plan Warm UP: Tabata Squats (shut the F@#K up) Tech: Bench Press ( find 1 rep max) WOD: Run for the ROSES aka (Dead Arm Bone Cancer Sprint) 250m row 20 bench press (135/65) 30 Jump up pullups (6" below wrist)