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Crossfit and Your Sport of Choice

I have received several emails over the past couple weeks asking about why I haven't been around, why I'm not doing crossfit, and how people can improve their Olympic lifts. As we all know, Crossfit is an AMAZING strength and conditioning tool that provides INCREDIBLE gains as far as an overall level of fitness is concerned. Since beginning crossfit a year and a half ago, I went from being chubby and out of shape, to fit, healthy and in shape. There is no way I would have got to where I am without Patty, Tbear and everyone at Crossfit. However, the goal of crossfit is to make you GOOD at everything but not GREAT at anything. It develops generalists, not specialists, which in terms of real world application and being able to adapt to what ever life throws at you is incredibly valuable. From a health standpoint, I still don't think anything out there even comes close to comparing to crossfit, however, from standpoint of being a competitive athlete, more is needed. Its pretty simple-to become a good O-lifter, you need to spend time lifting. The movements are not simple and take many years to master. In September I went to an Olifting Cert and it was recommended that I train under an O-lifting coach and see where it can go. In November, I made the step and started training at SFU under and Ex-Nigerian National Team member and Coach Dan Gan. Since then I have been dedicating 8hrs a week to working on progressions and drills for the Snatch and Clean and Jerk and in that time my snatch has gone from 85lbs to 128lbs and Clean and Jerk from 125-165, and this is not a nock against crossfit programming, it is actually a credit to crossfit programming-crossfit prepared me mentally and physically to be able to train under heavy loads for extended periods of time. Throughout this time I have continued to do crossfit workouts, in the past month I have done a Real Navy Seal, Joshie, Chelsea, Angie, Zoe/Grace Mashup, Wendy, Jumping Nancy, Tabata Squats/pushups/sit-ups-I just need to pick and choose when I do them to ensure I am able to get the most out of the O-lifting sessions. And that's that! First competition is January 26th. Thanks for all the support! Machine To add to what the machine is on about. Crossfit is the intersection of all sport and will do amazing things to complement your performance in any sport, but in order to become excellent at your sport you need to be practicing your sport. Be it Hockey or Ballet, Crossfit will improve your game. If Crossfit is your "Sport" of choice.....chances are, you are one fit Mother Bugger. Patty