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Crossfit Apprentice Program: Life lessons Volume 1

image Open letter to the Crossfit Vancouver apprentices and business mentorship group. OK Guys Enough with MS Baker, I am and always was with Pete K (Squire) smile She is not worth our time and effort, the only reason why I responded was to save Joel from getting conned by a sham artist. I saw it as my duty. Side Note: She has since started to hide behind the NSCA and the American College of Sports Medicine....I will leave that one to another day, but if you are curious, look up the courses they are now offering. Look like a Crossfit rip off? maybe Tony Leyland can shed some light? Moving on: I see some of you wanting to go chasing after Jilly? You can go do that, but once again I see it as my job (You have all signed up for the apprentice program) to give you fair warning first. Here it is: Crossfit Apprentice Program - Life lessons volume 1 This lesson I learned the hard way, even after being warned by Glassman to be true. Chase excellence Not Money (advertising, press etc) A) If you are great at what you do, you do not want or need advertising. Example: Who makes the worst food in the world? Who does the most advertising? (think hooking kids on cartoon is almost evil) Who makes the worst cars in the world? Who does the most advertising? (They just went bankrupt) Who is the worst realtor in town? Look for the face on the bus. Hammers or wheels don't need advertising B) Advertising doesn't work very well......unless maybe you have a huge budget and hire clever people to continuously fill the void you have created by doing a shitty job at what you do. Example: Crossfit, Glassman's early gyms, ourselves and countless other affiliates have been positively written up in too many papers to count. We all sit by the door and wait for the surely inevitable rush of people to come in. Nobody shows up. Same thing happens when someone (usually someone with a degree in leisure studies or kinesiology) writes up the usual: Crossfit is dangerous, it is going to kill you, don't do it!!!! No one leaves the gym. Students continue to pour in at an ever increasing rate. Why? Brave people really don't give a shit about what the media (or authority) says.......they care about what their friends (or people they respect) say. Word of mouth is king. C) Associate and form bonds with people interested in excellence and integrity, get rid of the rest: What has Jill done for you to want to be associated with her? Has she impressed with her dazzling journalism? Her profound wisdom? Her work ethic? Why would you want to chase after a person who is so clearly incompetent? For press? Why? Go find people of exceptional character and brilliance and give them your Cheese, it will be way more rewarding and build a community of excellence we can all enjoy. As you were. By the way, I love the apprentice program. We have tons of cool shit planned for yas (biz licence is close, thank Lori when you see her) Patty Read "more here" to get the full e-mail strain if you want the whole story. Sorry for the syntax †= ' Dear Carli, I agree with your approach and may I commend you for your well written and moderate reply. I too believe that if the goal is to advocate on behalf of Crossfit, your approach is ideal whereas an aggressive approach will perpetuate a negative stereotype and will fail in changing her or her colleague's perceptions. It must also be remembered that the press buys it's ink by the gallon (poorly quoted by me) and always gets in the last word. Whether you like her or not, if the aim is to get her or her colleagues to write a more nuanced article, she will need to be educated. Keep up the good work, Mark On 26-Aug-09, at 3:05 PM, Carli Sussman wrote: This journalist is not malicious; at worst, she is guilty of ignorance and a lack of research.  As fitness professionals, part of our job is to educate the predominantly ignorant masses. With the correct approach, we have a very good opportunity to get this journalist to "see the light."  Although some may not care about Ms. Barker's personal opinions, the fact is that she writes for a major daily newspaper with a weekday readership of almost half a million people, and her ideas have broad-reaching influence.  We need to care about what she has written, as it is damaging to the reputation of CrossFit.  Imagine how great it would be for CrossFit (and for the health of the British Columbia population) if we got her to write an educated and well-researched article on the merits of CrossFit.  Imagine the positive business impact this would have on CrossFit affiliates across BC! An aggressive approach, however, is only likely to reinforce her preconceived notion that CrossFit is a fringe fad taught by unqualified and unprofessional adrenaline junkies.  If we want to defend the integrity of the CrossFit methodology, I think it is crucial that we present ourselves as credible professionals. My $0.02, for what it's worth... Carli On Wed, 8/26/09, Craig Patterson wrote: From: Craig Patterson Received: Wednesday, August 26, 2009, 8:08 AM Nice job Carli She is a nobody piss ant of a reporter and what she says will have no impact on anything she ever touches in the world, because she is lazy and without talent. So I have decided to have a bit of fun with her. smile Here is my latest Jill This is how you should respond to such an aggressive e-mail when you are exposed for being completely negligent. "Craig, I apologize, I didn’t do any research, I talked to some guy in a gym somewhere. It was very lazy, and intellectually dishonest of me to print what I did. I will go do some research and have some idea about what I am writing in the future, because I actually care about people, I am a hard working diligent person and I want to see truth and beauty prevail." Jill you have no idea how much we focus on mechanics, safety and health and how good we are at it. We are in a position to professionalize this industry and make a tremendous difference for people. This has come at a great personal sacrifice for me and my people. Go do some research and earn back your integrity. I would be happy to talk to you after that. Sincerely, Craig Craig On 8/25/09 6:33 PM, "Jill Barker" wrote: Craig, Not sure how to answer such an aggressive and disturbing e-mail. But your comment ““Fuck technique its the numbers that count” is 100% correct” speaks volumes. Jill Barker On 8/26/09 12:05 AM, "Carli Sussman" wrote: Hi Patty et. al., Here is a copy of the e-mail I sent to Jill Barker after reading her poorly-researched and generally misinformed article. I will await her reply... Carli ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I read with interest your 24 August article "Flash-in-the-pan fads fade out fast." As both a fitness and communications professional myself, my first instinct was that the content of your article amounted to little more than a collection of poorly researched personal opinions, which you then promoted as facts. A more balanced approach to reporting should have involved interviewing practitioners or instructors of these so-called fads, as these people would likely have had some insight that you may have missed in your quest to discredit them. I would specifically like to address your assessment of CrossFit, as I have been using this methodology both for my own training and that of my clients and colleagues, and have seen some outstanding results. The word fad, by it's very meaning, denotes a trend that is temporary in nature. CrossFit, on the other hand, was developed in the 1980's, with the first CrossFit gym opening in 1995. 14 years later, this so-called fad has grown to include more than 1000 affiliated gyms worldwide, and is actually one of the fastest growing fitness movements in the world. CrossFit programming is used by law enforcement, emergency services and military personnel all over North America, including our very own Canadian Forces, who recently revamped their combat fitness training program in consultation with CrossFit founder Greg Glassman. CrossFit methodology has now become mainstream; even fitness/health magazines and large commercial gym chains are touting intensity as the revolutionary missing piece in the fitness puzzle. CrossFit-style workouts are cropping up everywhere, from magazine features to outdoor "boot camp" programs. It has become so popular because it works; because it even yields the sorts of results that athletes, police, firefighters and military personnel demand from a workout. Contrary to what you have written, CrossFit places considerable emphasis on technique and safety, especially in the early stages of coaching. Most CrossFit gyms require clients to undergo a series of introductory personal or small group training sessions before being permitted to participate in regular classes. These introductory lessons are designed to ensure that clients become skilled in proper technique for the most common CrossFit movements before adding weight or speed to the mix. All CrossFit workouts are scalable in order to allow people of all ages and abilities to participate at a safe level of intensity. Additionally, most CrossFit gyms offer supervised and coached classes only; clients are generally not encouraged to workout individually. This adds an additional measure of safety, and ensures that clients' technique is continually monitored. Yes, anyone can design their own CrossFit workout; however, the workouts themselves are merely combinations of movements on which athletes have already received training and practice. CrossFit practitioners and coaches do not create their own movements. The standard CrossFit movements are safe, functional, and have stood the test of time. Consider, for example, that the vast majority of movements derive from two of the oldest competitive sports: gymnastics and Olympic lifting. CrossFit training produces measurable results, both in terms of health and broad, general athletic performance. The key here is that the results are completely measurable and concrete; not just subjective. CrossFit athletes who train seriously and regularly have body composition, body chemistry and general athletic performance that is on par with elite competitive athletes. There are few other fitness regimens that can promise (and deliver on) these sorts of results so quickly for so many people. I would be most interested to see you write a balanced and fair piece of journalism on CrossFit that includes both the advantages and disadvantages of the methodology. It is all too easy to focus on the myths and criticisms, but talking to an experienced and certified CrossFit trainer just might open your eyes to the merits of a very successful and far from fading fitness program. Sincerely, Carli Rachel Sussman --- On Tue, 8/25/09, Craig Patterson wrote: From: Craig Patterson Received: Tuesday, August 25, 2009, 12:02 PM Joel and the rest of my coaches I have been reading this same stuff from the same half assed sloppy “journalists” for 5 years. I have always decided I had better things to do, but this morning after this e-mail from Joel, I figured it was time to respond to this tired old complaint about TECHNIQUE – DANGEROUS – NEED FOR REGULATION (Jill I have cc’d you because I thought you might want to have even a rudimentary understanding on the material you are writing about ......Not sure who you interviewed for this puff piece, but if you had a chance to do a piece on Baseball I’d think you would at least try to contact the yankees instead of forming your ill conceived opinions from someone who can’t throw catch or hit a baseball ) You are right about one thing...... Crossfit will become a fad....but not for any of the reasons you your definition Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, track and field and snowboarding were all fads. Like any grass roots movement that becomes popular, every idiot will eventually try it.......the popularity will crest then recede leaving only those with personal will, mental toughness, a commitment to excellence and the desire to be around like minded people The same journalists have been writing the same things about Crossfit for 5 years. They think they are clever by writing: Crossfit is dangerous, everyone is going to get hurt, they need regulation. Guess what....the market regulates the ones who don’t know how to coach. A bad coach and the free market work like this. They do a shitty job, hurt someone or more likely bore them to death, and that person does not come back, they do not refer anyone and the coach goes bankrupt and is done with this industry. There is rarely ever “Disaster” as the person never gets enough power in life to ever get anyone to follow him/her to any level of dedication that his incompetence would allow. It works the same in every they are “Sanctioned” or not We have seen this countless else would it work? A shitty coach loses countless basketball games in europe and suddenly gets hired by the Celtics? And if one actually stood back and thought for a moment without jumping to the lizard brain conclusion that we have tiny little peckers and are trying to flex our manhood (for people who live in the world of the 30 second sound bite it is tough to concentrate for that long) “Fuck technique its the numbers that count” is 100% correct Usain Bolt is the fastest human on earth and his technique is “awful” You think that he got that fast by walking past a door on the street that had a sign above it that said “Speed coach” I think he might have done a little research on who his coach should be. But research requires some hard work now doesn’t it Jill??? I am normally not so hostile, but we have dedicated our lives to the betterment of people and Crossfit. The least you could do is try to understand what it is you are writing about before you print it in the fucking newspaper. If you want to sit down and actually understand the subject matter you are lumping in with stripper poles and sham artists call me. I am not interested in an e-mail me 604 773 2480 or....... come down and meet with us. You should have called me in the first place if you were doing your job properly. But then again you probably don’t even know who I am? Craig Patterson Crossfit Vancouver On 8/25/09 6:21 AM, "Joel Fridman" wrote: Hey guys, I also wrote to Jill Barker as hundred of you, and this is her answer. You know what? She is not completely wrong, because unfortunately CF is certifying a lot of idiots as instructors just having them watching the level I, no experience nor sports background studies at all. We've got to fight that and make sure that 100% of our trainers can understand more than the basic 9 exercises. Miss Vancouver coaches level, Joel Para: "'Joel Fridman'" -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Joel, Thanks for your note. While I am very pleased that there are Cross Fit studios that emphasize technique, that is not the case everywhere. I interviewed a CrossFit owner in Toronto last year who had no certification and didn't think he needed one. I also have a You Tube video by the Cross Fit founder who basically said "F@**technique it's the numbers that count". That's my main complaint with Cross Fit, it is all over the place which spells trouble for the average consumer who isn't able to discern good from bad. Left in the hands of certified individuals who have a background in strength and conditioning the CrossFit concept can work well. In the hands of someone with less training, it spells disaster - especially since so many of the exercises are on the higher end of the risk scale. So, I stand by my comments, but commend you on your passion for trying to turn CrossFit into a fitness fad that stands the test of time. Oh, and by the way I have attended many yoga classes including a hot yoga class. Jill Barker -- To: Subject: Article: Flash-in-the-pan fads fade out fast Hi Jill, I know it's not easy for most of the professional on our area (physical education) to understand and accept different kind of methodology of training, but we should try those out before we talk about them, just like I did. I know that in general we can judge based on experience, but if you are really not sure about one thing, give a try. On my side I'm talking about CrossFit, that has NOT TO DO about what you wrote on your article. - WE DO CARE ABOUT TECHNIQUE, what means SAFETY!!! Actually, this is what everyone learns on the very first day at CrossFit. Technique before anything else, than Consistency and just after you sure you have those 2, then you may go to Intensity. - "a hype that never quite lives up to its promise" - hehehe, for sure you didn't even open a CrossFit site to see the pictures neither read the testimonials... I've never seen so many fit people on my sport life (I'm a ex- Olympic Weightlifter, have started on competition when I was 15 and I've been working with physical conditioning since 1996), even the chubby-shape CrossFit athletes (yes, we call ourselves as athletes) are more in fit than any regular-gym user. - "It is made up of strength, power, agility and speed exercises" - oh yeah, it is, but not even that, we still work-out on our Cardiopulmonary endurance, stamina, flexibility, coordination, accuracy and balance. Saying so, I bet you try it for a couple of weeks and still keep saying what you wrote on your article. Oh, before finish this letter... Have you try a Yoga class? hmpf, you should as well. Next time you think to criticize anything, go look for more GOOD information sources. Don't forget you represent the biggest paper on BC. Joel Fridman CrossFit Brasil