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Crossfit BBQ and Mid Summer (say goodbye to Remmy) Party Saturday at 7pm

imageIt is time to put down the steel, pick up the bottle and socialize among the TRIBE. Our good friend and Crossfit Van Original, Remington is leaving us. Lets send him off........with a little LOVE. smile 7pm at the gym, casual summer attire, BBQ, keg, and all the booze we can guzzle. Drinks are on the house! Charlie "Jailbird" Pammer will sing a couple of sets and Popeye will DJ Friends are welcome, (RULES ON BRINGING GUESTS) NOBODY DRIVE AND FUCK THIS UP FOR ALL OF US We have a VIP cab service to take us to the after party at Pig Pens Palace (7 w 2nd - Black door) - Midnight till 5am LETS GET IT ON - ONE LOVE.....TOUGH LOVE Wednesday's Workout image G.I. Jane 100 Bupee-Pullups for time Holy smokes, its been a long time since we've pulled out this gem. The Pup has sitting on top spot on the board for a while now, and has been strutting around like the 'cock of the walk' for far to long. Free pair of cammo pants to who ever unseats him! Here is a cool article from a cool website I check often: If you can keep these out of your pie hole you're ahead of the game 5 Worst Dietary Transgressions