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Crossfit Boxing Clinic Saturday noon

image The Boxing Clinic's have been a really good addition to our family. They will now be following a similar format to our Crossfit Classes Warmup (5-10min): Objective: Focus on warming boxers up specifically for the drills and techniques they will work on (good blood flow and elevated breathing) Method: Utilize boxing development drills (ex. Rope, med-ball, agility ladder, running, shadow boxing, skipping, etc.) Technique (10-30min): Review/teach fundamentals of 1-3 of the primary boxing foundation movements such as footwork, single punches, punch combinations, defense (parries, slips, etc.), strategy Use drill or game to develop technique (ex. Pad drills, sparring drills, etc.) WOD: Named workout of the day in same format as Crossfit WOD's  (using names of Champions) WOD’s to include/develop boxing technique Here is what is on tap for tomorrow: Warmup: Agility ladder drills 1 in 1 out (fwd/fwd/side/side) Ali shuffle Padwork / bagwork (rotating stations) Technique: Punch of the day: Cross Combo of the day: Duck-under/side-step/body hook (alternate sides) x 6 +jab,cross,hook Practice in stations of bags, pads and shadow WOD:  Roberto "No Mas" Duran Complete 10 rounds as fast as possible for time: Each Round consists of: Bagwork: 5 combo's (use Combo of the day) 10 crosses with resistance bands 10 pushups 20 abmat situps