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Crossfit Class Schedule, Big Man Night, Gymnastics, & Monday MADLAB

Ok Guys and Gals I think we finally have a schedule we are comfortable with. Here is how group sessions work. Once you have graduated from personal training, you can go to any classes on the Schedule. CHECK HERE FOR TIMES We know how fun it is to check out other coaches and meet new people, however you should see your coach every week and for the most part try to attend his/her sessions the majority of the time. For morning people your regular time may see a wider selection of coaches (we are splitting up duties between coaches more in the mornings). The evening classes tend to be a bit more tribal. To get better at gymnastics we are adding the Thursday evening gymnastics class and as always "Big man Night" is open to anyone wanting to get better at the major lifts. Our next big announcement is the re-awakening of our infamous MADLAB. The second Monday of every month we are going to have an open competition where all of you can compete against each other for prizes and glory. It will be a great opportunity for everyone in the community to bond through competition and Brother/Sister Hood. More on this later. Anyway I hope these changes will add to the community, improve our skills and above all take us to another level of fitness and enjoyment in our lives. SHEPPY BEAR AND MYSELF ARE OFF TO VEGAS FOR A FEW DAYS............BE COOL - STAY IN SCHOOL