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CrossFit Endurance Seminar at CF Vancouver October 1-2

Click here to register for this amazing weekend. If you have any questions about the above seminar feel free to contact Dan: Thursday's Workout: Skill/Tech: Deadlift. Way back in the day we used to deadlift heavy before Fran. It had the effect of getting you all jacked for the battle ahead. I think one time (at band camp) we did some heavy fives beforehand and felt it burned our grip for the workout. No more deadlifting before Fran. Time to flip the switch. Lets do some heavy (yet pretty) onseys to prep. Nothing maximal. Workout: You knew it was coming. Fran 21, 15, 9 Thrusters (95/65 lbs) Pull Ups I always do better with someone in my corner during this workout. Coaches run multiple heats so everyone has their own personal coach for their Fran. Athletes - Do what your coaches tell you. Yippee!! Sheppy