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Crossfit & Evolution’s Mixed Martial Arts Program

Ok.....We are back from our crazy Tofino Surf Holiday. Thanks to all of you who were there hanging with my parents, T Bear and myself. It was awesome! As many of you know Crossfit works well for fighters (Mixed martial Artists and anybody else who doesn't like to be bullied by the world). Some of us have been studying mixed Martial Arts with EVOLUTION Martial Arts (Krav Troy and Jimmy Z). Doing Crossfit and self defense is real eye opener and a confidence booster. Our first belt testing session is in 2 weeks and our next MMA Program will start in the fall. Check out some "Advanced" self defense techniqiues. This is Krav Maga, a self defense system developed by the Israeli Intelligence agancy Mossad. Kermit has done some of this Training with Evolution and found this clip for us.